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Five Crucial Steps For A Successful Stock Video Shoot (Part 6)

If you've followed steps 1 - 5 of this how to guide for stock footage, you will now be well on your way towards your first shoot. Before diving in and shooting content, however, I recommend starting with a clear plan. By following these five steps, you will not only set yourself up to shoot better content, but you will also be able to spend less time creating it. And the more efficient you are, the more profitable your stock footage will be.
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The Secret To Delivering Great Images Within Tight Deadlines

Test Frame: Experimenting With Gels

Earlier this week I received news from my writer & director friend AJ Brooks that the short I DP'd for him won first place in last months DVXuser fest. To add a little perspective, this film was shot over two nights with a volunteer crew of five (AJ & myself count as 2 of that 5), and then edited and delivered it four days later. The news of this win reminds me yet again that the secret to great images with tight deadlines is not in using fancy gear and large crews, but it is in spending the time in preproduction developing a solid plan and testing it out beforehand.

Here are the two steps I took to set us up for success.
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