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How To Build A Wireless HD Transmitter For Under $275

This past week I was the cinematographer for an intense action short that was shot using two Epics. Even though we were on two Epics, we were still on a shoe-string budget, and we had to get creative to deliver cinema quality visuals. Due to the tight schedule and limited crew, we needed to go wireless for our director's monitor. Top of the line wireless systems are great to work with when the funds allow, but for this production, it wasn't an option. Fortunately, my long-time 1st AC Jerry Turner came to the rescue with an affordable solution he had created based off of research he'd done on the internet.

And, while I've had varying success with home-brew wireless HDMI in the past (so I was skeptical), I was delightfully surprised with how this unit performed in the middle of an industrial district in a major city. And all for under $275. Here is what you need to make this happen for yourself.
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