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How To Get the Most Out Of A Custom Profile (A Sekonic Update)

Back in July of 2012 Sekonic released the update to their camera profiling software (DTS) which I immediately started to use. After spending some time creating and testing numerous profiles for my 758Cine I realized something was not working correctly: the spot and incident readings were not matching up. Since that time, Sekonic has been hard at work finding and fixing the problem. With version 3.06 of their DTS software, you can finally rest assured that your meter will be calibrated correctly. If you plan on using one of my custom profiles, here is how you can get the most out of it.
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Creating A Camera Profile For Your Meter


Lean how to create a custom camera profile for use with your Sekonic 758Cine. I take you all the way through the process from shooting the chart to processing the footage with Sekonic's new Data Transfer Software v3.0. I have also developed a library of profiles that you can freely download at: ryanewalters.com/SP/sekonicprofiles.html.

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