Ryan E. Walters, Cinematographer

Cinematic Excellence at 24 Frames a Second

Biography of Cinematographer Ryan E. Walters:

Born in 1980 in Seattle, Washington, Ryan has had a love and passion for the visual arts since a young child when his grandmother, an avid photographer, took him along on photo expeditions. As he grew up, his parents furthered that passion by enrolling him in various art programs and lessons. While he enjoyed painting and drawing, something was always missing - the ability to capture motion. Once introduced to the art of cinematography in high school he never looked back.
Ryan E. Walters, Cinematographer

Since that time, Ryan has developed this passion and turned it into his career. As an award-winning cinematographer his work has allowed him the opportunity to travel worldwide in the pursuit of telling stories that are visually compelling. Ryan's distinct experience includes feature films, documentaries, commercials, and shooting for Comcast, TLC, Oxygen, and the Discovery Channel.

Not only does Ryan seek to deliver cinematic images for his clients, but his commitment, organization, and professionalism means he constantly goes the extra mile to ensure that the results he delivers exceed his clients expectations.


Recommendations from Ryan’s Clients:
“Ryan is a true pro and always a pleasure to work with. His knowledge, lighting expertise, and collaborative attitude are great to have on set and always show up in the dailies."
-Peter Richardson, Director, Part 2 Pictures

“Ryan is a total pro. He knows the gear inside and out and knows exactly what it’s capable of. He’s a relentless student of filmmaking and has a solution when something goes wrong ... because on every production, something inevitably goes wrong. Having Ryan there insures that no matter what, it’s going to work out.”
-Rob Finch, Director / Producer, Blue Chalk Media

“It is a real pleasure to work with Ryan. Not only does he have an immense wealth of knowledge of technology, but he understands how to use it in service of the project. He sets a great example for the crew with his professionalism and dedication to quality work. He is also always read to look for ways to grow professionally and has never shied away from breaking down a shoot to see what could go better in the future."
-Jeff Winograd, Director / Producer / Writer, Hawk Films

“A consummate professional, Ryan's dedication to his craft and profession as well as his genuinely likable personality and artistic gifts are traits much desired in our industry. His breadth of knowledge of the many changing tools of the trade is rarely found in someone with many more years in the business. He is definitely a technical and creative force that will elevate an entire production and final product."
-Thad T. Smith, Director / Producer, One Eighty Films

"Ryan is extremely easy to work with and very professional. He's timely and efficient on all projects. With his vast collection of equipment, it makes working with him great.!"
-James Allen, Executive Producer / Editor, Visual Aid

“Ryan is on my go to crew list. He knows what he is doing and gets high quality results that I want to pass on to my clients.”
-Nikia Furman, Director / Producer, Furman Pictures

"The easiest D.P. I have ever worked with, Ryan E. Walters has a dedication and most importantly, an eye, to capture the shots you need when you need them. Being flexible and open minded, Ryan makes it easy to be creative and take your project to the next level.”
- Joel Christian McEwen, Director, American Dream the movie

“Ryan was incredible. He brought his creativity and expertise to our idea and made it happen. Shooting a feature is 50% story/actors and 50% cinematography. Ryan carried his part and brought us his "A" game. We were hoping to just use the film for teaching video curriculum, but after we got to see the footage, we decided to go for a film distribution. We will be working with Ryan in the future. Everyone who has seen the screener has said, "great cinematography".”
- Don Jensen, Executive Producer, Dirt Poor Films