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Three Tips For Faster Project Delivery

As I continue my experiment and journey with FCP X I have been looking for ways to further speed up my own workflow and shorten the time it takes for me to deliver a project. As a part of that process, I have developed and refined a system that is now allowing me to turn projects out faster than when I began working with FCP X.

And even though in this example I'm sharing examples form FCP X, I believe that I can take these same concepts and apply them to my Premiere Projects. So without further ado, here is a complete look at the system I've developed, and three tips for faster project delivery.
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A Second Chance For Final Cut Pro X?

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile already know that back in August I wrote that FCP X was dead. Those were not easy words for me to write, as I used the program since version 1. At the time, when I gave it another spin, I still found it to be a tightly closed system that didn't fit my needs, so I continued to use Premiere.

In the last several months, Apple has updated the app to version 10.1.1, so I decided to give it another chance. After three weeks of solid use, I still have some frustrations with it- but overall I'm liking what I am experiencing.  So here is the low down on FCP X.
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Final Cut Pro Is Dead (Or Why I'm Stuck With Premiere)

When iMove Pro, Final Cut X was launched, I saw the writing on the wall- my beloved editing and grading programs (FCP 7 & Color) were on the way out... to be replaced by this fancy, simple, new, wiz-bang, all-in-one program. Granted, I loved the idea and concepts they were touting with their "revolutionary" new product (technology should be simple). It would ideally empower me to create quickly and effortlessly, like paint on paper. However, at the time, it failed in its execution. At its release, FCX was really a 1.0 program, not a 10.0 program. I was too hamstrung by it to work effectively, so I had to jump ship to Premiere. And now, two years later, I find myself re-evaluating the landscape, coming to the same conclusion. For me, Final Cut Pro is dead, and I'm stuck with Premiere.
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