Ryan E. Walters, Cinematographer

Cinematic Excellence at 24 Frames a Second

Zeiss ZF.2 Lens Test Chart


Charts are not very sexy I know - but they are very useful. I completed this test to evaluate where these lenses perform the best so that I can get the most out of them. When wide open, the chromatic aberration, and the slight softness that the lenses produce means that for my tastes, I'll be using them stopped down at least one stop. Once they are stopped down by one stop, everything looks sharp, and the chromatic aberration goes away. The 85mm seems to be the worst offender, as the image is not clear until around T4 / T5.6. And both the 28mm and 35mm seem to hold up better then the 50mm or the 85mm. Overall, I'm happy with the results as they bear out what I have experienced first hand when using these lenses in a production environment. I'll be using these lenses in the T2.8 - T8 range going forward. Download the stills after the jump.
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