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The internet has become a treasure trove of great resources available to everyone on just about any kind of topic. (Anyone up for Underwater Basket Weaving?) But part of the problem of this large body of information is trying to sort through it all to find the truly helpful and useful information. This is especially true with filmmaking and topics related around cinematography. This is why, over the years, I have been slowly gathering and organizing that information and I want to offer it to you.

First off, I want to share the resources that I have produced that you may or may not already know about:

Lighting Alchemy (Lighting Alchemy Posts)
It is my goal on my lighting blog to help demystify the craft of lighting. I show behinds the scenes setups from productions large and small along with the final results, so that no matter what the budget level of your production is, you can get some ideas of how to get the results you want.

Camera Ordeals (Camera Ordeals Posts)
Here I offer tips, tricks, and lessons on how to get the most out of your camera system. My goal is to share some big picture ideas that are helpful on any camera system, as well as some specific content around a single camera system.

Post Smithery (Post Smithery Posts)
With digital cameras quality image making does not stop on set. The final results can be greatly manipulated in post production. On this blog I will be sharing with you how to get the most out of your images in the story telling process.

Getting Elemental (Getting Elemental Posts)
It is important to get intimately familiar with any camera system that you use. As a part of that process, I run all kinds of tests, and I make these tests freely available on this blog.

Sekonic Profiles:
If you are using a meter like the 758Cine that can load custom profiles, then this page is for you. I have detailed training on how to create a profile, as well as freely available profiles for download.

The Cinematographer Series
In depth training on the camera system and lighting.

And here are some outside resources that I highly recommend checking out:

Books / Reading Material:
- Camera Related

Video Content:
I have organized these videos on my YouTube Channel. If you subscribe to my channel you will always have access to the content that I find most helpful.

- Storytelling
Interviews with some of the greatest storytellers of all time.

- Cinematographer Interviews
Interviews with some of my favorite cinematographers of all time.

- Informative Perspectives
Interviews with important people in filmmaking, and their perspectives on the craft.

- Additional Lighting Resources
Tutorials and videos on lighting, not published by me.

- Additional Behind The Scenes Videos
BTS videos that I have found to be very informative and helpful over the years. (Content not published by me).

- Grading Tutorials
Instructional, and informative videos relating to color grading.

- Interesting & Inspiring
Perspectives, ideas, and thoughts related to filmmaking, life, and business in general.

- Things That Make Me Laugh
It is important to be able to let your guard down and laugh. These are the videos that I come back to when I need to remind myself to lighten up, or I just need a little levity in an otherwise stressful week.

I hope these resources are helpful to you as you continue your own journey in the creative endeavor of filmmaking and cinematography. As always, I'll be updating content on all of these links, so subscribe to my channel, follow my blog, or catch me on one of the social networks (links in the side bar on the upper right) to be up-to-date with useful content for filmmaking and cinematography.

Until Next Time - Get Out There And Shoot!
Ryan E. Walters, Cinematographer
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