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This post will be short and sweet. I wanted to let you all know about a new service & training series I'm offering, as well as update you on The Cinematographer Series. So here is the 411...

Consultation Service:
If you would like one-on-one feedback on one of your projects, or you want guidance on how to approach an upcoming shoot, or you are looking for consultation on anything cinematography related- lighting or camera- I'm here to help.

All you need is a skype account, and we can talk face-to-face. For $75, you will get my undivided attention and creative input (this includes the time it takes to review any work you send me to review).

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Start In Stock Footage:
When people find out that I also shoot stock footage, I am often asked how I got my start and how they can get up and running. I have recently partnered with Zacuto to bring you a free guide that you can follow if this is a revenue stream you want to pursue. It will be released in a series of 8-10 blog posts that I will be reposting here, so keep an eye out in the coming month or so.

The Cinematographer Series Update:
Producing this series has been a much bigger endeavor than I ever anticipated when I began. Shooting and editing content around my commercial work has been much tougher than I ever thought. So I have hired an editor to help me bring this training series to market in the very near future. I just handed off the drive to my editor last week, and he'll be finishing it up in the next couple of months. It is coming- I apologize for the delay.

Until Next Time - Get Out There And Shoot!
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