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Over the last couple of months I have been honored to be the guest on several podcasts, as well as a videocast. I encourage you to not only listen as I stumble my way through the interview process (There is a reason I am behind the camera, not infront of it.), but to subscribe to them as I have. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise from many people more talented and experienced then myself.

Crossing The 180 - Run Time: 1 hr
URL: http://daredreamermag.com/2013/06/26/cinematographer-ryan-walters-on-crossing-the-180-101/

Crossing the 180 is the "Fresh Air" of filmmaking podcasts. Ron Dawson is an excellent host who creates an conversational atmosphere for his guests. Ron helped me navigate my first appearance in a podcast, as I talk about my background, how I got into commercial work, the Zacuto 2012 Shoot Out, and my infamous article 1080p is better the 4k (Or why I Chose the C100)

Producers Pal - Run Time: 24 minutes
URL: http://producerspal.com/ryan-e-walters-cinematographer/

Producers Pal is a pod cast that explores all aspects of filmmaking with the intent of helping out and inspiring other independent producers & content creators. Joshua Brown talked with me about my history, what it is like to be a cinematographer, and what pieces of advice I have for others out there.

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Big League Film School - Run Time: 45 minutes
URL: http://bigleaguefilmschool.com/ryanwalterspart1/

Big League Film School is a site dedicated to shedding the light on the art and craft of cinematography. Aviv not only has some truly talented guests on his site, but he does a great job at exploring some of the finer points of the craft. His interviews cover not only the practical (how it was done) but also the thinking behind the choices made.

This interview has been split up into 4 short parts for easier viewing and future reference. In part 01 I talk about the lighting of the opening scene of the 48 hour film that I won best cinematography for. Part 02 talks about composition and the lighting of the hall way scene in that same film. Part 03 explores working with a gaffer. And part 04 wraps it up by talking camera tech.

If you're not listening, or following these podcasts yet, you really are missing out on a ton of first hand experience in the film business. So add these sites to you library of learning!

Do you have other podcasts or resources you'd like to add? What are your favorite cinematography sites?

Until Next Time - Get Out There And Shoot!
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