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Letus Color Temp & ND Fader Test

The video above contains sample footage along with my thoughts on the Letus Color Temp & ND Fader. Don't have time to watch the video? Below is a quick summary of what I found.

The Letus Color Temp & ND Fader Summary-

I like that I can use it in a standard matte box that has 138mm and 4 x 5.65 filters. And I really like that it is marked, allowing for precise and repeatable results. The markings on the 138mm are best suited with the Letus Matte Box, which has a window to view the position of the 138mm filter. But best of all is the Color Temp. Fader abilities - I have never seen anything quite like it!

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ND Fader
  • Typical ND fader, but now in cinema sizes of 138mm and 4 x 5.65 filters.
  • Blocks up to about 9 stops (2.7 ND) of light
  • If shooting with an IR sensitive camera, you will need IR filtration at heavier levels of ND blocking. (IRND Test seen here.)

Color Fader
  • Same idea as the ND fader, only in color temperature. It is adjustable from no color shift to blue (daylight) to orange (tungsten).
  • Great way to optically color balance the image, making for cleaner imagery with less post processing needed.
  • Helpful tool for those shooting with any Red camera. (Red One, Epic, or Scarlet.)
  • Can be used to help create a look in camera. (As seen in the video above.) Optically warm up or cool down and image.
  • Good addition to a set of coral filters. Not a replacement for the corals, as it has a different warmth to it.
  • At 180 degrees off axis from the sun, there is some darkening of the image due to the nature of the polarizing of the light.
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