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The Most Boring Blog Post Ever! (Or Getting Organized)

Many years ago, I began building this site using the tools I had access to, iWeb and iPhoto. As it grew, I migrated to RapidWeaver and Blogger. (This was long before I knew about the power of WordPress).

As a cinematographer, I have little experience and time to devote to the craft of web design & coding, which has resulted in a site filled with great content, but perhaps not ease of navigation. With the readership of my blog exploding over the last 6 months, I felt it was time to take one step towards making this site easier to navigate. At least until I can find a significant amount of time to do a complete website overhaul and move to WordPress ...

What you will find below is an organized listing of every blog post I have made. (Which I will continue to update). If you are new to my site, I highly recommend checking out what you may have missed. To make navigation even more accessible, this blog post will always be accessible via the side bar to the right. --->>>

Lighting Alchemy Posts: (Tutorials and behind the scenes videos on lighting)

Camera Ordeal Posts: (Tutorials and topics about using the camera)

Post Smithery Posts: (Tutorials and topics about grading & post processing)

Getting Elemental Posts: (Testing of cameras, lenses, filters, lighting, and more)

The Town Crier Posts: (Business, news & my general thoughts)

Until Next Time - Get Out There And Shoot!
Ryan E. Walters, Cinematographer
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